Greenwich | East Village

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For over 100 years, this small area below 14th Street and west of Broadway has been a Mecca to the creative, rebellious and Bohemian. Although today no starving artists could afford to live here, the vibe still lingers and the beat goes on.

At the end (or the beginning) of Fifth Avenue, this 77 foot high monument marks the centennial of our first President's inauguration.

The park, surrounded by New York University, maintains a carnival atmosphere year-round. Street entertainers take over the center fountain to amuse the dog walkers, skateboarders, musicians and chess players who make full use of the park.

Although much of the fabled Beatnik-era ambiance is gone, you'll find coffeehouses like Caffe Reggio and Cafe Figaro which inspired writers such as Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. This ain't no Starbucks!

Heading west on Bleecker, we get to Sixth Avenue where you'll come across the world famous 4th Street basketball court. You can watch some of the best streetball players around. They may not be the New York Knicks, but hey, don't cost ya nothin' neither!

Crossing 6th Avenue, we're now in the heart of Greenwich Village. It's the oldest part, too. Streets run at all angles and you can easily get lost. While you should always have a map handy when visiting NYC, now's the time when you're probably going to need it the most.